Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Hey :)
I'm feeling good today!
Its always a good thing when I go to bed looking forward to my yummy cereal in the morning.
So it's like, 10pm now and I realized I haven't posted in a little bit so I thought id update on how I am.
Last week was horrible, padticularly Saturday when eating a little bit of the icing and cake mix from the cupcakes I was making for my little brother meant I skipped morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and supper. So I had breakfast and dinner that day, and tried to train the next day. At least I can understand the importance of fueling my body properly now.
After a really bad week, I woke up feeling good on Sunday... Until I got to training where my coach was in a bad mood and told me I wasn't trying hard enough in my repeats. Good mood ruined, theres nothing I hate more than being told I'm not giving it my all. (my coach is NOT a horrible person! He's like a grandfather to me. He was also the first person to recognize my ED even though I was in denial myself)
I went to see soul surfer with my best friend and decided, after realizing that im lucky to even have a body that works, that I was going to do my absolute best to be happy instead of miserable about food and look after it.
So ive been fairly good the last 3 days, ocassionaly restricting myself a bit, but im staying positive about everything. Training has been... Difficult. Im finding on my repeats that the first few times are great then BAM! Sudden drop off. I guess it happens to everyone occasionally, I have a rest day (strength work in my garage) tomorrow so hopefully Fridays session will be better.
Also, if anyone ever wants to talk, I'd be happy to listen and offer advice where I can :)
Stay strong <3

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