Saturday, 16 July 2011

Set Backs

Its annoying how when everything seems to be going well, all of a sudden everything takes a sudden change.
When I woke up this morning, I ate my breakfast, and my morning snack. I had every intention to continue eating according to my food-plan.
Then I did some baking and ate some of the mixture- so i decided i'd skip lunch.
Mum came home and bought me a chocolate bar, so that was my afternoon tea.
Not a huge 'slip up' for most people, but to my mind- it felt like the end of the world (I can and will eat as much as Im supposed to now... but I struggle with the whole good/bad food issue.)
I purged, which I felt terrible about, but I felt like I HAD to.
I ate my dinner as per usual but am going to bed without my dessert/supper.
I feel so weak and I know I should just walk right back out to the kitchen and get something but I feel like if I can succumb just tonight, I'll be able to fight (properly) again tomorrow.
I know small 'relapses' are common and to be expected, which is why tomorrow is a brand new day, and I still have every intention of kicking this thing in the butt!
Stay Strong <3

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